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Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that combines hypnosis techniques with cognitive and behavioural therapies. It aims to help individuals overcome emotional and psychological challenges by exploring and modifying their thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviours.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy works by guiding individuals into a relaxed state of hypnosis, where the subconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions and therapeutic interventions. Through this process, deep-seated beliefs and thought patterns can be addressed and transformed, leading to positive behavioural changes and emotional well-being.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can assist with a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, stress, phobias, low self-esteem, depression, smoking cessation, weight management, and performance enhancement. It can also be beneficial for improving confidence, motivation, focus, and overall personal development.

Yes, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is considered safe when practised by trained and qualified professionals. The therapist ensures a supportive and confidential environment, guiding you through the process while prioritising your well-being. It is important to consult with a licensed therapist to ensure a safe and effective experience.

The number of therapy sessions required can vary depending on the individual and the specific issue being addressed. Some people may experience significant improvements in a few sessions, while others may benefit from a more extended therapy plan. The therapist will work with you to determine the optimal number of sessions based on your goals and progress.

Yes, the majority of individuals can experience the hypnotic state during therapy to some degree. However, the depth of hypnosis can vary from person to person. A skilled therapist will tailor the techniques and suggestions to suit your needs and level of responsiveness.

Absolutely. Hypnosis is a collaborative process, and you retain complete control throughout the therapy session. While in a hypnotic state, you remain aware of your surroundings and can choose to accept or reject suggestions. The therapist serves as a guide, but you are ultimately in charge of your experience.

The duration of a therapy session may vary, but typically they last around 60 minutes. I will provide an estimate during your initial consultation.

Yes, Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be effective for children and teenagers facing various challenges such as anxiety, phobias, bedwetting, exam stress, and self-esteem issues. However, it is essential to find a therapist experienced in working with young individuals to ensure appropriate and effective treatment.

Yes, I am fully insured by Holistic Insurance Services Ltd and I also hold an enhanced DBS Certificate. Full details of either of these are available on request.

I adhere to the Codes of Ethics set forth by the QCHPA (Qualified Council for Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy) and the National Council of Hypnotherapy, and in accordance with these guidelines, I am unable to work with you if: